Made by Platoflex, Designed by you!

Platoflex is the ultimate solution to the familiar problems with stucco. Our groundbreaking innovation gives architects completely new design possibilities for indoors and outdoors. This can involve use of prefabricated walls, lounge blocks, plant containers, ponds, etc. What’s more, Platoflex is also suitable for tasks such as cladding for verandas, carports, roof terraces and bathrooms. And whatever the job, it comes with a 10-year product guarantee.

Platoflex is flexible, faster, cheaper, more durable and environmentally conscious. Our products are made to last. The material has been developed for easy maintenance and it is not affected by rain, frost, sun, algae or mould. Thanks to our continual research, development, improvements, monitoring, superb designs and use of the best materials, choosing Platoflex means you are assured of quality.