Essential upkeep outdoors

One of the great things about Platoflex products is that they do not crack like normal plasterwork, even after years of outdoor use.

Nonetheless, our products do not clean themselves and so some upkeep is always needed. Any item exposed to the weather, air pollution and algae growth over a long period will require care sooner or later. This applies to your Platoflex product as much as any other outdoor feature, albeit to a relatively limited extent.

As well as the finish you have chosen (smooth surfaces need less upkeep than rough ones), your product’s location, prevailing wind direction and exposure to direct sunlight are all factors here. If it is situated close to a main road, railway, woodland, industrial area or the like, that is likely to increase the frequency with which basic maintenance work is required. Certainly if you want to keep your product as white and fresh as possible.

Of course, it may be that some weathering suits the setting in which your product is placed. In that case, little or no upkeep will be necessary. The product itself remains in excellent condition, even though its appearance changes somewhat.

The tips below are therefore intended mainly for customers who want to keep their Platoflex product looking “as good as new”.

Platoflex care products

Platoflex has put together a special Cleaning Kit to repel and remove stubborn dirt. This consists of:

– Platoflex ProClean

– Platoflex Wax, Multicoat

– Platoflex ProtRust

– Special sponges

Normal dirt

At normal levels of dirt accumulation, you should clean your Platoflex product at least twice a year with Platoflex ProClean and the special sponges.

If your product is subject to high levels of so-called “flash corrosion”, it may be stained by rust-like patches or stripes. These are caused by tiny airborne particles of iron which settle on a surface and corrode, forming a rough, brownish coating or an orange film. That is easily removed using Platoflex ProtRust.

Of course, your Platoflex product itself CANNOT rust because it contains NO iron or other metal parts – it is made entirely of plastic and polyester.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your product and let it dry, spray it with Platoflex Wax to keep it bright and clean for longer. If you prefer a natural look, however, we advise against applying this wax coating. Instead, use ProClean in the spring and autumn.

On average, it should take only 10-20 minutes to clean and wax your product. If you wish, you can preorder wax coating in the factory. But note that even then the product will still require regular upkeep on your part.

Extreme dirt

If you face extreme amounts of dirt, we recommend Multicoat. This coating offers protection for up to two years and, like Platoflex Wax, is easily applied using a hand spray.

Your product must be absolutely clean when Multicoat is applied, because you cannot remove any existing stains once the coating is in place. It effectively seals the surface.

Poor upkeep

If you fail to keep your product properly maintained, there is a chance that discolouring stains or patches will form and eventually prove impossible to remove.

In such cases, the only way to restore the product to its original condition is to apply a completely new top coat. You can either do this yourself or have Platoflex do it for you. But note that this treatment is not covered by the Platoflex guarantee.

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The above material is for general informative purposes only and is not intended to be exhaustive.

Accumulation of dirt, necessary frequency of upkeep and the overall state of your products are all subject to numerous external factors and circumstances beyond the control of Platoflex.